Alexa-equipped Triby IO could be your perfect smart home controller

One hub to rule them all...
14 March 2017 / 11:50GMT

The idea of a connected home full of internet-savvy tech is undeniably appealing – particularly if you’re as lazy and disorganised as us. However, the lack of a single unified platform means that controlling all this smart gear can prove a frustratingly dumb experience. Invoxia’s Triby IO speaker (£159, on sale Spring 2017) aims to change that by embracing both Amazon’s Alexa assistant tech and IFTTT, meaning you can bark out voice commands to control everything from your Philips Hue speakers to your Belkin WeMo cooker. It’s not strictly speaking a unified platform, but it’ll work with loads of different Internet of Things products from loads of different manufacturers. Add in the Triby IO’s other talents – internet and FM radio, Spotify Connect and Audible compatibility, plus an E Ink Screen that can be used to display memos - and you have a versatile new family member.

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