Rollei returns with the Instant Kamera TLR - a classic camera reimagined

Here’s your flash briefing
04 May 2018 / 9:30BST

You wouldn’t be taken seriously as a photojournalist in the 50s without a Rolleiflex slung over your corduroy jacket. But since then, it’s been very quiet on the TLR camera scene, a place reserved for forums on the interwebs, car-boot sales, and eBay. The remarkable new Rolleiflex takes Fujifilm Instax Mini film with apertures from f/5.6 to f/22. It’ll focus from 48cm and the exposure will be taken care of with a built-in ambient light meter. The viewfinder is operated from waist-level, just like the original, owing to feline sneakiness as you capture someone biting into a sandwich, or about to sneeze, or staring right into your lens as they wonder what-on-earth is that contraption swinging from your neck. Demand is high on Kickstarter and we’re predicting it’ll be an instant classic. Let the good times Rollei.

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