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Promoted: The Libratone TRACK Air+ are the perfect headphones for the gym

Look, we don’t want to jump on the New Year, new you bandwagon, but there is something about a new year – and a new decade no less – that makes you want to reassess a few things.

Add to that the calorie fest that is Christmas (or the whole of December, let’s face it) that makes a renewed effort at the gym all the more appealing come January.

Now whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or a fitness noob, you’re going to need a good pair of headphones to help push you through that final set or those last few relentless minutes on the treadmill. Step in the Libratone TRACK Air+, the only gym buddy you need to get you refocused in the new year. For a start, these are wireless in-ears. And we mean truly wireless. No cable dangling to your device, no wires hanging around the back of your neck. Just compact buds that sit in your ears leaving you with no restrictions when you need to move.

They’re comfortable too, weighing just 5.6g per earbud, with a choice of silicone eartips that help them to stay snug in your ears – even when you’re going hell for leather on the burpees.

And since there’s no need to hold back, the Libratone TRACK Air+ are ready and prepared for you to work up a sweat, offering both sweat and water protection up to IPX4. That’s suitable for any weather, meaning even the toughest workout is no match for these tough buds.

When you’re going full pelt on the cross-trainer Libratone’s touch controls will allow you to: play and pause music, skip a track or repeat one, crank up the volume, and switch between smart and ambient noise monitoring, all without laying a finger on your smartphone.

To get through that workout, you’re going to need the musical motivation to pick you up when you’re ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully, the TRACK Air+ have got you covered here as well. Not only do they punch above their weight when it comes to a sound, with a rich, immersive performance usually reserved for big bulky headphones, but they also won’t let you down when it comes to battery life.

In fact, the TRACK Air+ will keep going for a full six hours, with three full recharges in their stylish charging case. That means a whopping 24 hours of charge in a package that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. That’s almost enough to get you through the first month of your new routine – if you’re ready, the TRACK Air+ are ready.

That reliability is another thing that makes these earbuds such great gym companions. If you’ve ever had wireless headphones that drop out when you so much as put your phone in your pocket, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than headphones that flake out on you when you need them most.

Thankfully, with Bluetooth 5.0 on board, the TRACK Air+ headphones have one of the strongest wireless connections you can get, meaning no annoying interruptions to your music when you’re really feeling the pressure.

But let’s get down to one of the TRACK Air+’s key features – their active noise cancellation. When it’s time to get into the zone and block out the bedlam (not to mention the gym’s terrible playlist), switch them on and enjoy your music without distraction.

They’re even clever enough to adapt their noise cancellation to your surroundings, tweaking their performance to suit the noise around you and cancelling out up to 30dB of unwanted sound. There’s also ambient monitoring which could come in handy if you’d rather pound the streets than the treadmill, as it allows in noise from your immediate surrounding, such as passing cars. Prefer to set the level yourself? No problem, the manual mode lets you do just that, so you can choose the level that works best for you.

Even better, if you’re in a place where you’d rather have one ear on your music and one ear on your surroundings, you can choose to use just one earbud in mono playback mode.

All of this comes wrapped up in a gorgeous Danish design, in a choice of black or white, that make the TRACK Air+ headphones you’ll want to be seen in too. Feature-packed and fantastic sounding, the TRACK Air+ are all you need to start the New Year off in a positive way. Now all you’ve got to do is get yourself down through the gym doors.

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