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Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ Metallica turntable is (quite literally) the embodiment of heavy metal

A bold, head-turning vinyl-spinner forged from metal and glass

If you’re a vinyl lover with a penchant for the thunderous musicality of Metallica, then you might want to hide your wallet now, lest you give into temptation. Though if you’ve seen the headline and lead image it’s probably already too late. Ah well. You might as well carry on reading about the turntable you’re about to buy.

Crafted by high-end Austrian turntable manufacturer Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the Metallica Limited Edition turntable will unapologetically dominate any surroundings you care to place it in, thanks to its aggressively spiky, mirror-finished metal body.

The shuriken-like metal base is balanced by a substantially sturdy glass platter which is solid and heavy enough for tight and accurate playback speeds, while letting you view the underlying metal base in all its reflective glory when there’s no vinyl in play. 

Beyond its looks, there’s plenty of audiophile-grade tech thrown into the mix too, from a pre-adjusted Pick it S2 C cartridge and diamond-tipped stylus needle, to one of the company’s most sought after components — an aluminium sub-platter. The latter not only adds a shiny accent to the overall look, but adds extra mass for noise dampening while seeing off unwanted resonances. Aluminium also provides the material for the tonearm components too, with Pro-Ject Audio Systems priding itself on the lack of plastic components anywhere in the build.

The whole setup is supported by solid, height-adjustable metal feet, while the precision electronic speed controls let you easily switch between 33 and 45 RPM at the flick of a toggle. Oh, and there’s also a belt for 78 RPM (shellac) records thrown in for good measure.

Naturally this unique blend of style and audio function won’t come cheap, but with an RRP of £1149 come its August release date, it’s not actually too bad compared to the tens of thousands some other enthusiast turntables can cost.