Google Nest WiFi doubles as smart speakers for internet in every nook and cranny

Another fine mesh
15 October 2019 / 16:20BST

The makers of a household continental lager hailing from Holland once described it as the drink that refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach. Google WiFi did the same for home broadband, with its simple-to-setup mesh network draping a blanket of bandwidth over your property and eliminating black spots. Google Nest WiFi essentially does the same thing, but is claimed to be twice as fast, with 25 percent better coverage, adds voice smarts from Google Assistant and an integrated speaker for making calls and listening to music. Comprising a router and point – basically a node with a Nest Mini inside – the £239 pack offers a maximum 3,800sq ft of coverage. Made from 40% recycled plastic, the kit includes capacitive touch controls, a triple mic setup for interacting with your AI slave and gives off an orange underglow when those mics are switched off. The lone router with up to 2,200sq ft of coverage can be bought for £149, while additional points to assist mansion dwellers/Kensington town house squatters can be acquisitioned for £129. All go on sale on November 4 and are available in three pastel colors: Snow, Sand and Mist.

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