Tennibot is a Roomba for the tennis court, grabbing balls so you don’t have to

Ball bot
25 April 2018 / 16:50BST

Convinced you’re the next Serena Williams or Roger Federer? Believe all that’s stopping you winning Wimbledon is the time you waste traipsing about the court, picking up balls, when you could be getting in a few extra serves? Then you need Tennibot (from $675). Like a giant Roomba with a bucket on its head, Tennibot trundles about the court, grabbing abandoned balls. These are found using a combination of a fisheye camera system and cunning algorithms. A 90-minute charge enables Tennibot to relentlessly perform its task for up to five hours; and when you’re done playing, you can just grab its handle, wheel the doddering robot to your car, and chuck it in the boot. Try doing that with a real ball boy! (On second thoughts, probably don’t.)