The SunMade Cheese solar charger kit looks like food and funds power sources for kids in Africa

Milky milky
14 September 2018 / 17:17BST

You’ll be in for a shock if you try to sink your gnashers into the tasty looking treats on SunMade’s cheese board – and that’s because SunMade Cheese ($98) is a bunch of dairy-themed electronic accessories. You get a Swiss cheese speaker, a caciocavallo lighter, a ricotta cheese torch, a ‘solar milk’ power bank, and the puntastic USBrie power outlet. The plate itself has a solar panel on its bottom, which generates 5V at 1.2 amps – enough to charge a phone. Kooky stylings aside, there’s smart design here, not least the modular nature of the components, and smart magnets being used to attach them to the platter. And if you’re thinking “OK, but why milk and cheese?”, for each pledge the creator will donate a power bank to East African kids, to use with a Solar Cow.