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The Skydio 2 is an intelligent self-flying drone that doesn’t cost the world

Sky's the limit

Skydio has developed a drone that’s capable of flying itself and shooting 4K video while you do, well, whatever it is you do. Driven by what’s being pitched as the most advanced flying AI on the planet, the Skydio 2 ($999) uses six 4K navigation cameras comprising 45 megapixels of visual sensing to autonomously navigate through even the most tricky arial environments, and can follow subjects using “unshakable” GPS tracking by way of the portable Skydio Beacon. When it comes to actually shooting footage, the super-intelligent drone uses a best-in-class camera crafted around a Sony IMX577 sensor and Qualcomm RedDragon QSX605 to capture 4K video at up to 60fps with HDR. So yeah, you’re going to look pretty good whether you’re hurtling through a forest on a mountain bike or trying to appear canid while you soak up the rays on a beach somewhere. 

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