Riptide’s latest electric skateboard lets you carve up the pavement

No, not literally
03 April 2019 / 17:11BST

Skateboarding was originally invented as something for surfers to do when the sea wouldn’t play ball. But pavements don’t exactly behave like waves, so you need a bit of help when it comes to carving, which is why Riptide has fitted its new R1 Black electric skateboard (US$649 during pre-order, $749 after that) with Waterborne’s Surf Adaptor and small, hard wheels, so you can make flowing turns that are 3x tighter than on a set of normal trucks. There’s a wireless remote that lets you switch between three riding modes: Beginner, Eco and Expert, and if you’re brave enough it’ll hit a top speed of 18mph, with a seven-mile range from one charge (the optional RX battery pack will double that). Waves? Where we’re going (er, Barnsley, since you ask) we don’t need waves.