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The Parrot ANAFI FPV is an ultraportable drone designed for racers and photographers alike

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Drone pilots of the world unite, because Parrot has launched a new ultraportable, quadcopter drone designed for racers and photographers alike. The ANAFI FPV (£730) promises to put users straight in the cockpit by delivering live view from a 180-degree tilting camera to a pair of bundled cockpit glasses. That immersive camera feed combined with in-depth manual controls, a racing preset, and a streamlined HUD means the ANAFI FPV is ideal for anyone looking to dip their toes into the high-octane world of drone racing. The ANAFI is also a dab hand when it comes to shooting video and taking pictures, and is capable of capturing stunning 4K HDR footage and 21-megapixel images with ease thanks to a variety of cinematic modes and presets. Toss in a backpack that doubles as a launchpad, an extra set of propellors (because accidents happen) and a 16GB SD memory card and you’ll have everything your need to take your first steps into a larger world.

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