The Logi Dock is a work from home hub for clear desks and clearer conference calls

Clear desk policy
09 September 2021 / 8:55BST

We love tech that makes us more productive, but it’s a sign of strange times when a speakerphone is considered Hot Stuff. Then again, the Logi Dock is no ordinary conference call companion. Sure, its six beam-forming microphones can detect your dulcet tones with crystal clarity, banishing background noise with algorithmic assistance. And touch controls on top make it a cinch to join meetings, mute the mics and disable video when your neck needs a break from nodding along. But the work-from-home hub is also designed to declutter your desk. It packs an array of ports to support your peripherals: four USB-C, a pair of USB-A, an HDMI and a DisplayPort, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Compatible with Mac, PC or Chromebook, link up your laptop via USB-C upstream for streamlined connectivity and up to 100W power. Ready to party when the working day is done? Two 55mm audio drivers work with passive bass radiators and an anti-vibration acoustic enclosure to fill your home office with something funkier than the sound of your boss droning on. Set for launch in Winter 2021, the Logi Dock’s UK pricing and availability isn’t confirmed – but it’s set to cost $399 in the USA.