Lego Ideas Dinosaur Fossils turns your desk into a miniature Natural History Museum

T. rexcellent
17 October 2019 / 14:59BST

Heading to the Natural History Museum (or your local equivalent) as a kid usually meant making a beeline for the fossils. Now the wonder of giant dinosaur bones has been recreated in Lego form with Lego Ideas Dinosaur Fossils (£54.99, available 1 November). By way of 910 plastic parts, you end up like some kind of giant palaeontologist, piecing together 1:32 scale skeletons – a delicate Pteranodon, a stompy Triceratops, and an impressive 20cm long T. rex. All the models are posable, so you can stage your own terrifying Lego take on Night at the Museum. And to keep the boney critters inline, the set has its very own palaeontologist with magnifying glass and box of science bits. Lego Ideas sets often quickly sell out, though, and so if you fancy some desk-bound dino larks, grab a set before it’s extinct.