The latest Tubbz is a cosplaying duck dressed as Sonic The Hedgehog

It’s quackers
07 February 2020 / 17:04GMT

Thought you’d seen the most eye-poppingly bonkers take on Sonic before they redid all the CGI for the upcoming movie? Guess again, because Sonic The Hedgehog Tubbz (£12.99) is here to steal the limelight more than a dozen mugging Jim Carreys. This official merchandise – presumably signed off by someone at Sega baffled into submission – reimagines 16-bit gaming’s speediest Erinaceinae as a cosplaying duck. The 9cm tall figure is made from high-quality PVC, and has its own little bathtub display box. Alas, it won’t float in an actual bath, but you can have your own surreal retro-gaming battles if you also grab a Dr. Eggman Tubbz. Not keen on Sonic? Then try something else from the range, which includes characters from Resident Evil, Doom, Street Fighter and Ghostbusters, and even the terrifying Sauron, who presumably bellows/quacks “one Tubbz to rule them all” before you flee from your house in fear.