Ikea and Teenage Engineering unveil their Frekvens collection of speakers, lights and more

Coming to the UK in February
24 January 2020 / 13:40GMT

It wasn’t that long ago that Ikea was most closely associated with wardrobes and meatballs. Perhaps that remains the case - they are good meatballs - but these days the Swedish giant has all kinds of creative side hustles. Last year we had the collaboration with Sonos, and 2020 sees the launch of the long-awaited hookup with compatriots and nifty synth-makers Teenage Engineering. Included in the retro-inspired, 27-piece Frekvens collection are a £129 speaker and subwoofer combo, a smaller £65 speaker, an even smaller speaker that you can clip to your belt, a £15 LED spotlight, and even a silver raincoat for when your Ikea-sponsored house party starts to get a bit ravey. The entire Frekvens collection will be available to buy instore and online from February, with prices starting from £4.