The Dyson V11 cordless vac sucks twice as hard and has its own screen

Crumb colossus
21 March 2019 / 11:27GMT

The stalwarts of innovative design - Dyson makes tidying up look sexy, so much so that if Freddie Mercury could see how the vacuum cleaner design has come on, he'd be urged to write a song about it. And he wouldn't struggle with which features to get lyrical about. The High Torque cleaner head that has the ability to detect different surfaces and adapt its behaviour accordingly, or will it be the LCD screen which allows users to interchange between the three modes: eco, auto and boost - it'll also show you battery level. The bin is 40% larger and, after analysing how us mortals (not you, Freddie) incorrectly command a vac (you're not meant to lift it from the floor between strokes) the filtrating system now comes with rubber seals to capture microscopic particles. Twice as powerful as its predecessor, it's undoubtedly a carpet companion of lust, desire and most crucially, function - and yours for around £600 depending on how many accessories you want bundled in.