The Dyson Light Ball is designed to be as quiet as a mouse

All about that noise reduction
06 September 2017 / 12:59BST

Vacuum cleaners get a bad rap. We should be saluting them for ridding the kitchen floor of crumbs, but instead we curse the hoover for interrupting our Netflix binge fest. That’s where the Dyson Light Ball comes in, a new vacuum cleaner said to be 40% quieter than its predecessor. A team of dedicated acoustic engineers utilised five semi-anechoic chambers to maximise noise reduction without compromising performance. As you’d expect, given its name, the upright cleaner is light and highly manoeuvrable, with retracting vents on the new epicyclic drive cleanerhead reducing carpet resistance. Available in Multifloor and Animals models, blissful silence doesn’t come cheap (from £339.99 and £369.99 respectively), but your household will thank you for it.