Bring the cinema to your living room with Optoma’s affordable HD27e projector

Big screen Full HD fun on a budget
02 March 2018 / 15:00GMT

Competitively priced 4K projectors are popping up all the time, but a lot of people are happy to forfeit pixels if it means saving even more cash. Enter Optoma’s HD27e, a full HD (1080p) projector that replaces the sub-£600 HD27. The new model is said to offer brighter, bolder images, as well as a longer lamp life than its predecessor. It runs quieter, too, because there’s nothing worse than tech racket wrecking a big smoochy love scene. The HD27e’s two HDMI ports mean you can easily connect a laptop, console or Blu-ray player, while its lighter weight makes it easier to lug round to your mate’s place at the weekend. Chuck in an integrated 10W speaker, and you’ve got an affordable home entertainment upgrade. Pick one up now for £549.99.