The Adapt BB is Nike’s first self-lacing basketball shoe

Need your sneaker loosened? There’s an app for that
16 January 2019 / 16:30GMT

Self-lacing shoes - you’ve no doubt heard about them by now. No longer just a sci-fi fantasy, Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 was the first multipurpose shoe to feature the tech, and now the footwear giant has turned its attention to basketball. To better cope with the physical changes your foot undergoes on the court, the Adapt BB is fitted with a power lacing innovation called FitAdapt, which you can control manually or - and here’s the really fun part - with a smartphone app. The idea is that you quickly tweak the fit settings at different points in the game, while a custom motor and gear train adjusts itself on the fly to maximise comfort. There will be firmware updates added over time, one of which we hope will make whoever’s wearing the Adapt BB leap like Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam.