Woo-hoo! Arcade1Up’s remaking the iconic four-player Simpsons Arcade Machine for your living room

28 July 2021 / 16:03BST

The Simpsons season 33 is – terrifyingly – imminent. But when it was fresher (yellower?) of face, the franchise unleashed an arcade game, where you brawled through Springfield, duffing up goons sent by Mr. Burns. The conceit: Smithers stole a gem, which ended up in Maggie’s gob, and so he stole her instead. Videogames! Although you can get at the entire Simpsons back catalogue on Disney+, the arcade game’s a trickier prospect, with original cabs costing absurd cash on eBay. Fortunately, then, Arcade1Up’s remade it as The Simpsons Arcade Machine (£TBC). Like its other home cabs, this one’s in 75% scale, has coinless operation, and comes with a custom riser to make it the right height for adult humans. The action plays out on a 17in LCD screen, and you get the full set of joysticks and buttons for simultaneous four-player action. But there’s a twist: a ‘Live WiFi’ feature also allows you to fight through levels with Simpsons Arcade1Up cab owners from around the world. ¡Ay, caramba!