Space Invaders – The Board Game moves a gaming classic from the screen to your table

Takes-up-space Invaders
22 May 2019 / 13:23BST

40 years ago, space aliens very slowly invaded. Fortunately, Earth was protected by a (rubbish) cannon. Now, the aliens are back, in Space Invaders – The Board Game ($30). Blocky marauders from outer-space are again threatening to land and do… something. You must fend them off. But, entertainingly, one of gaming’s earliest, simplest classics (move left/right; shoot) has been transformed into a strategic card game. Two to four players move their cannons, gather intel and research tech, all the while amassing a high score, and – of course – occasionally blowing up alien scum. And if things start going really badly, there’s always the ‘sneak smart bomb attack’ table-flip move. (Possibly not part of the official rules. Stuff takes no responsibility if you use it and no-one will then play Space Invaders – The Board Game with you.)