Pyxa is a tiny handheld in kit form that teaches you how to make a console and games

Do it yourself
08 February 2019 / 16:55GMT

In the old days, home computers were fodder for hackers, but handheld consoles have always been sealed units. Pyxa (£49) wants to change all that – and teach you a thing or two about games consoles along the way. Resembling a homemade GBA Micro, the dinky unit arrives in kit form, and you put it together yourself. You then delve into Arduino software to code your own games, taking advantage of the 128x160-pixel display, an ATmega328P chip, and a buzzer for sound. A few hours in, you’ll probably have a working Flappy Bird and dreams of mobile-gaming superstardom. But if that sounds like too much hard work, there are plenty of retro games to download, including knock-offs of Tetris, Snake, and Pac-Man.