The £249 Xbox Series S is promising next-gen performance in the 'smallest Xbox ever'

Small price, big ambitions
08 September 2020 / 12:09BST

After months of rumblings, leaks, and rumours, Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox Series S, an entry-level next-generation console that'll retail for just £249.99. Designed to deliver 'next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever,' the Series S is a slender digital-only machine that offers consumers a cheaper alternative to the flagship Xbox Series X that's due to launch in November. Although official tech specs haven't been released just yet, leaks indicate the Series S - which is basically being positioned as a vehicle for Xbox Game Pass - will offer 120fps support at 1440p, 4K upscaling, 4K media playback, DirectX raytracing, and variable rate shading. It'll also apparently pack a custom 512GB SSD. Again, those specs haven't been confirmed by the powers that be at Microsoft, but it shouldn't be long before the company begins to share more concrete details.