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New Nintendo Switch OLED brings larger screen and other perks

It’s not more powerful, but this premium Switch has various upgrades

The rumoured Switch Pro console has turned out to be the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, as announced by Ninty today. It’s not a more powerful, 4K-enabled version, unfortunately – but if you’re a big Switch fan or you’ve been holding out for a more premium version, this might be worth the scratch. The Switch OLED has a larger 7in display (OLED, obviously) and promises better sound quality, plus it has a larger and more stable kickstand, double the internal storage at 64GB, and a new dock with a wired LAN port. In other words, it’s less of a mid-generation upgrade and more of a smattering of modest enhancements. Still, if you’re looking for the best way to play Metroid Dread this autumn, this is probably it. The Switch OLED will launch alongside that game on 8 October and sell for US$350 in the States – no word yet on UK pricing as of this writing.

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