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Logitech G Cloud lands as a (pricey) cloud gaming handheld

Xbox Game Pass anywhere with a web connection

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Gaming on the go was a pipe dream for Xbox gamers before Microsoft introduced cloud streaming, but even then a dedicated Xbox handheld was pure vapourware. The new Logitech G Cloud might be as close as we’ll get: the Android-powered device is purpose built for streaming games over the internet, and comes with Xbox Cloud Gaming pre-installed.

Anyone with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sub will be able to jump straight into Xbox exclusives like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, as well as a whole host of multi-platform gems like the recently-added Deathloop. Fortnite fans can play their favourite battle royale for free, even without a subscription.

The handheld also supports Xbox remote play, for streaming non-Game Pass titles installed on your console. Handy for when someone else wants to take over the TV, and for squeezing in game time even when you’re away from home. Nvidia GeForce Now is also on-board for non-Xbox gamers, and it’ll play Steam games via SteamLink.

Naturally for an Xbox-friendly device, the G Cloud has the button layout to match Microsoft’s console. That means A-B-X-Y face buttons, twin joysticks, bumpers and triggers, in a fixed layout. There’s also linear haptic motors for force feedback, 6-axis motion detection, and dedicated home and menu buttons.

The controls sit either side of a 7in, 1080p LCD touchscreen with a 60Hz refresh rate. Audio is covered by stereo speakers, a built-in microphone for voice chat, and 3.5mm headphone port. There’s also Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX Adaptive for wireless listening.

The Android-powered device is no powerhouse, given it’s meant for streaming rather than local play, although you’ll be able to download apps and games from the Google Play Store. There’s a Snapdragon 720G running the show, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of on-board storage. It supports microSD expansion for adding extra capacity when you need it, and the 6000mAh battery is reportedly good for 12 hours of non-stop streaming. Expect a full charge to take two and a half hours using the bundled power adaptor.

It’s much lighter than a Valve Steam Deck at 463g, and while it’s slightly heavier than a Nintendo Switch, it’s considerably narrower, so should be even easier to take with you on the move.

The Logitech G Cloud will go on sale in the USA on the 18th of October for $350. Early birds can pre-order right now for a reduced price of $300 via the Microsoft web store. There’s no word currently if it’ll be heading to the UK any time soon.

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