In Marvel Powers United VR you can live out your comic book fantasies

Which hero are you?
26 October 2017 / 17:13BST

Of all the experiences you can have in virtual reality, few can rival the simple thrill of assuming the role of your favourite superhero and just looking down at your hands. In Marvel Powers United VR, a co-op brawler due in 2018 for Oculus Rift, those wow moments come thick and fast, but spend too much time checking out your new getup and you’re going to end up on the floor rather a lot. The game lets you play as a number of Marvel heroes, each brilliantly realised and boasting their own combat abilities. Select Hulk, for example, and you can throw enemies around the arena-style levels, charging your immaculately-rendered fists up for a ground-shaking Hulk smash move. More of a Rocket Racoon kind of guy? You’ll be using the big-mouthed mammal’s jetpack to get an aerial advantage, switching between pistols at your sides and a two-handed cannon on your back as you unload on the suckers below. The game makes full use of the Touch controllers, and simply offers a level of immersion you can only get from VR. The best bit? Beat a level and your team will run forward for a victory selfie. Big green thumbs up.