Hori’s Onyx wireless controller is for PS4 gamers who secretly prefer the Xbox pad

A DualShocking betrayal
17 January 2018 / 17:17GMT

Salt & Vinegar vs. Cheese and Onion, Ant vs. Dec, A New Hope vs. The Empire Strikes Back, the DualShock 4 vs. the-for-some-reason-still-without-a-cool-name Xbox One controller: these are the debates that rage during lunch hour and tear apart friendships. We’re not about to bring closure to any of them, but thanks to Hori, PS4 owners who quite like Microsoft’s timeless pad no longer have to lose out. Launching in Europe this week, the Onyx wireless controller (£44.99) is the first third-party (but officially-licensed) wireless controller for the PS4, and it happens to look quite a lot like the Xbox one. By that, we mean the overall shape is strikingly familiar, and the button/stick layout is near identical to Microsoft’s controller. It looks like Hori has dropped the DualShock’s speaker, headphone jack and marmite-y light bar, so they’re absences you’ll have to put up with if you want the alternative design. Amazon is currently awaiting stock.