The Capcom Home Arcade is a plug-and-play retro games console

No school like the old school
17 April 2019 / 14:54BST

Retro games are all the rage these days, and Capcom wants in on the action. The company's new Capcom Home Arcade (£199) is a plug-and-play arcade machine not too dissimilar from devices like the SNES Classic Mini and PlayStation Classic. The, ahem, uniquely styled system features 16 of the best Capcom titles from the golden age of arcade gaming, including Street Fighter 2, Ghouls N Ghosts, Mega Man, and Alien vs. Predator, all of which can be played using full-size premium stick and button configurations. Lob in online global leaderboard and local multiplayer support, and you've got a retro console for the 21st Century.