Apple revamps iPod touch with A10 chip for AR and Apple Arcade

Pod people
28 May 2019 / 16:31BST

If you thought the iconic iPod brand had been consigned to history, you’re not alone. But it clings on in the new iPod touch (from £199). Well, new-ish. This is 2015’s 6th-gen iPod touch (which was essentially 2012’s 5th-gen), with all its ageing trappings: dinky 4in 326ppi display; headphone jack (hurrah!); 8MP rear camera; no Touch ID. But it’s now driven by the A10 chip from the iPhone 7 – not cutting-edge, sure, but enough to bring AR to iPod touch for the first time. And with Apple Arcade imminent, this refreshed device becomes the most affordable way to delve into that wealth of gaming goodness, short of buying an iPhone on the cheap on eBay, only to find someone’s shipped you a chunk of cardboard with an Apple logo drawn on it in pen. So, er, go for the iPod touch, then.