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Fauna Focus musical glasses have Bose Frames in its sights

Because glasses really lens themselves to having built-in speakers

Perhaps it’s listening to podcasts while everyone else thinks you’re ignoring them, or maybe it’s the sheer excitement of looking like a spy when taking calls, either way Bose Frames sunglasses appear to have hit the right note. Now a new wearable company from Austria that also likes the sound of music has stuck some audio in a pair of tech specs too. Fauna Focus feature the world’s smallest MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) silicone speakers and can spurt out whatever you wish from any Bluetooth source, take hands-free calls, or be used with your chosen voice assistant. Made from acetate, the glasses come in two different styles – unisex and female – and can be purchased with 99% UVA/UVB protected sunglasses lenses or prescription-ready transparent lenses that filter blue light. That means they’re perfect for everyday use at work where you can get away with listening to Test Match Special without alerting your line manager… just be prepared to cover your tracks when Ben Stokes thwacks one for six causes you to scream and sends tears of pure, unbridled joy running down your cheeks. There’s no official word yet on the battery life, but they do come with a charging case for extra juice. The frames go on sale in Q4 this year and are expected to cost between €200 and €250.