The Smacircle S1 is a backpack e-bike for worldwide whizzing

Compact carbon fibre construction for collapsible convenience
13 June 2017 / 13:00BST

Heading on your holidays and looking for some easy wheels to get around? Sure, you could Bicilet a bicycle for pedal-powered cruising - or you could stick a Smacircle S1 (US$778) in your satchel for 12 miles of foldable electric scooting on a single charge. At 7KG, this lightweight glider should just squeeze into your hand luggage, while the 12.4mph top speed delivered by the brushless motor should make your journey through the airport a fair bit quicker. Worried about someone making off with it while you’re not perched atop the saddle? The S1 locks and unlocks via your smartphone - and juices it, too, via a USB slot.

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