Nissan has unveiled the UK's first zero-emission ice cream truck

Ice ice baby
20 June 2019 / 12:43BST

The brightest minds at Nissan and ice cream maker Mackie's have teamed up for 'Clean Air Day' to save the planet one scoop at a time. The dream team started by taking the ICE (internal combustion engine) out of the ice cream van, to create an all-electric dessert truck that can dole out the Mr. Whippy without polluting the air. The prototype van is based on the e-NV200, Nissan's full electric light commercial vehicle, and combines a zero-emission drivetrain, second-life battery storage, and renewable solar energy generation to trundle from one seaside town to the next without using a drop of fuel. It's a novel project that signals Nissan's commitment to making consumer and commercial vehicles as energy efficient as possible, and one that also happens to make demolishing cone after cone of ice cream a little more guilt-free.

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