Magnic Microlights add smart lights to your bike, but no cables, batteries, or extra friction

Pedal heaven
11 January 2018 / 18:30GMT

Another bike light? Yawn. But wait, because this one’s properly smart. There are no cables, no batteries, and it doesn’t add noticeable resistance. That probably sounds like magic, but Magnic Microlights (€99 for the smart version) in fact works on the principle of ‘eddy current induction’ – it’s all done with magnets, basically. Installation involves Magnic Microlights going in the spot where your brake shoes live; then you’re good to go, with the resulting electricity generated by your pedalling powering your lights indefinitely. And that’s not all: the brake light gets brighter when you slow down, and you can double-tap a brake lever to trigger a turn signal – all without switches and a smartphone. There’s even the promise of crash detection, to fire off an emergency call when the generators abruptly stop if you ride into a tree through being distracted by Rammstein’s dulcet tones in your earbuds.

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