The Little Car Company’s Wild One Max makes your Tamiya dreams come true

Yes, it’s a radio-controlled car you can actually drive
28 April 2021 / 15:02BST

Long before Woody, Buzz and co first appeared on cinema screens in 1995, kids have dreamed of their toys coming to life – and The Little Car Company has finally made that dream a reality. Its new Wild One Max (from £6000) is a fully driveable version of Tamiya’s much-loved off-road R/C car from 1985, with a 5.5bhp electric motor inside that’ll propel it at speeds of 30mph and give it a range of around 25 miles. Measuring 3.5m long, 1.8m wide and weighing around 250kg, it’s 8/10th scale compared to the original’s 1/10th, but it doesn’t come with a massive R/C controller – you’ll need to be sitting behind the steering wheel for that. There are three different driving modes – Novice, Eco and Race – and for maximum authenticity you can even choose to build yours at home, with the option to add the necessary bits and bobs to make it road legal. It’s due to go on sale next year, although you can pre-order with a refundable £100 deposit now, so there’s plenty of time to save up your pocket money.

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