Halfords launches world’s first Alexa-equipped bicycle

“Alexa, take me home”
03 January 2019 / 14:49GMT

Time was, if you saw someone nattering away to their bicycle, you’d steer well clear. But soon our streets could be full of folks bantering with bikes – at least if Halfords has any say in the matter. The retailer has just unveiled the Cybic Legend and E-Legend (£TBC, on sale summer 2019), two bicycles equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Imagine: request traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation, weather forecasts or even compile your shopping list, all without having to take your mitts off the handlebars. The bikes (the main difference between which is that the E-Legend will save you some legwork thanks to an electric motor) come with Wi-Fi and a Vodafone SIM for connectivity, GPS, a performance tracker, customisable LED lights and an HD music player, plus a lock and alarm accessed by a companion app.

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