The Fuell Fluid is a premium, zero-maintenance urban e-bike with a range of 200km

Go the distance
20 August 2019 / 15:09BST

The Fuell Fluid is a new premium electric bike from legendary Harley-Davidson and race motorcycle engineer Erik Buell, and is being pitched as one of the longest range e-bikes currently in development. After securing over £1 million in funding via Indiegogo, the Fluid is now in production and boasts a 200 kilometer range thank to dual removable 48V batteries that offer 1008 Wh of power. The high-end unit also sports a carbon belt drive, multi-function colour display, powerful mid-motor, an internal 8-speed gear hub, and hydraulic disk brakes. According to Fuell, the use of those quality components means the Fluid will require "virtually zero" maintenance, making it a long-term investment for those urban explorers keen to get from A to B in a jiffy.

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