Bridgestone's airless bike tyres promise to fix your puncture agony

An end to unplanned pit-stops and roadside swearing...
04 May 2017 / 11:42BST

Yes, tubeless and solid tyres are both already helping commuters live the puncture-free dream, but neither look quite as spectacular as Bridgestone's airless concept wheels. They use a system of blade-like spokes, with rims wrapped in slim rubber, to create a lightweight spinner that's strong and, most importantly, immune to the effects of pesky pine needles. It's not just about putting an end to roadside fury either - the resin and rubber used in the wheel’s quirky construction can both be recycled, while the tread pattern is designed to reduce rolling resistance, which means fewer pedals per mile for cyclists. Bridgestone reckons you’ll see the tubeless spinners by 2019, alongside other applications of the concept, though there's no word on pricing yet. 

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