Alpine's A110 is a lightweight speed machine with iconic heritage

French marque gets all nostalgic, makes a beautiful car
14 March 2017 / 16:00GMT

Somewhere in France there’s a bloke who makes cars - and he just had a really good idea. He remembered how, in the 60s, blue was a great colour for cars. He also remembered how cars that are both light, powerful and rear-wheel drive tend to be really, really fun. Finally, it dawned on him that dinky sports cars are generally a good laugh - and that he’d made one once before. That man’s name? Erm, well, that man is actually a man-ufacturer - but it’s called Alpine. The car? The A110 - and it’s back, with 252bhp in a 1100kg shell. And a €58,500 price tag.

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