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Upcoming Canon EOS R3 takes aim at speed-seeking pros

UPDATE: Canon's new sports star gets a price, specs and more!

Look at professional sports, nature and news photographers and, nine times out of ten, they’re using Canon or Nikon gear. Canon’s upcoming EOS R3 (£5,880, available worldwide from November 2021) is an ultra-fast, all-weather tool for the type of under-pressure professional who relies upon delivering great-looking images in order to make a living. The EOS R3 comes with an all-new 24.1MP BSI stacked CMOS sensor and DIGIC X processor, allowing it to shoot stills at up to 30fps with autofocus and autoexposure engaged. Just as intriguing is its eye-controlled autofocus, which will allow the user to select an AF point simply by using their eye in the viewfinder; in a boon for motorsports photographers, the AF can even recognise vehicles in addition to the now-customary human and animal eyes. As well as that sweet time-saving sorcery, the EOS R3 can capture 4K footage at up to 120fps, as well as capture 6K RAW footage at 60fps. We’re itching to get our mitts on this absolute powerhouse – so stay tuned for a full review as soon as we do.