Sony's Vlog Camera ZV-1 acts as your entire production team

Vlog on
27 May 2020 / 16:26BST

Camera names tend to be a bit of a Countdown conundrum, so Sony has done the sensible thing and spelt out exactly what its pocket-friendly 4K Vlog Camera is for. Based on the same neat design as the phenomenal RX100 VII compact, it’s now been optimised for influencers and vloggers who regularly need to shoot themselves harping on about the latest gadgets, smashing through unboxings like toddlers on Christmas morning. That means new focus modes including ‘Bokeh Switch’ for blurring backgrounds come at the touch of a button. There's ‘Face Priority’ for a well-defined mush which can also smooth out blemishes without making a total cartoon out of you. There's even a ‘Product Showcase Setting’ for focusing on whatever nick-nack they’re being paid to advertise, or products they endorse of course. Really, though, it’s a top, tiny vari-angle LCD compact for shooting 4K with realtime Eye AF, image stabilisation, with a built-in ND filter, plus it's got a great fluffy wind muff too - that'll come in handy when you're doing a quick piece to camera during an F1 race. We're hoping to see it launched early June for a tidy £700 which will seem like a drop in the ocean once the advertisers come knocking on your YouTube door.