ONDU-III is a hand-made premium pinhole camera series for snapping without smartphones, lenses, and batteries

A hole lot better
26 November 2018 / 16:59GMT

Pinhole cameras are a world away from DSLRs and smartphones – a light-proof box with a hole, enabling you to take photos without a lens or even batteries. But ONDU-III (from $89) elevates such contraptions to a level of artistry and finesse that would make even Jony Ive plonk one on his shelf. The series matches beauty with versatility, too: beginners can start with the basic Pocket, whereas veteran pinhole fans can grab the Multiformat or (sorry – who are we kidding? – and) the Rise, with three holes/shutters for greater compositional/perspective control. All models support magnetic filters and have improved shutters, for smoother exposures. Most importantly, crafted from wood and CNC-machined aluminium, these cameras are built to last, and will be with you long after your digital snappers have been consigned to the recycling centre.