The modular Insta360 is the Swiss Army knife of action cameras

07 January 2020 / 15:21GMT

Insta360 has unveiled a spanking new adaptive action camera called the One R ($299) that’ll be a godsend for photographers and filmmakers in dire need of versatility. Co-engineered in partnership with Leica, the ditty shooter is compatible with a unique set of interchangeable lenses capable of capturing 360-degree video, 4K wide-angle footage at 60fps, vivid 5.7K video, and 19MP photographs. All three lens mods clip into a ‘base’ body that houses the One R’s battery and processor, and can be swapped out in an instant. It’s a smart system that should allow the device to adapt to a whole host of conditions, and one that makes the One R an action cam the Swiss Army would be proud to call their own.