Lomography's pre-loaded LomoChrome Metropolis re-usable camera is here to satisfy all 90s grunge urges

Gels like teen spirit
19 February 2020 / 12:12GMT

You know what’s incredibly uncool? Disposables. It’s the last thing the world needs, more old junk, so that’s why Lomography has revamped the traditional disposable camera to be, well, less disposable. When you’ve wasted 27 shots of your mate trying to balance a spoon on the end of her nose before all the party people arrive, you can simply re-load the camera with a range of Lomo’s colour negatives, or opt for black and white film where you’ll have 36 exposures to capture precious moments - which with the right attitude will be developed, printed and proudly live on your bedroom walls, and then perhaps in a shoebox of disgrace. LomoChrome Metropolis film is a bit exciting too, producing photographs with whimsical muted tones and stark contrasts that’ll make that spoon balancing act look like a work of art. The best thing is that it’s £21.90 and available now from the Lomo store - there aren’t many better ways to get a taste of shooting with 35mm.