KiiPix is a wires-free, zero-power instant photo printer that works with any smartphone

Snap happy
03 August 2018 / 9:10BST

Instant cameras offer immediate gratification and a social component that’s been lost as we trade digital files rather than actual photos. KiiPix (£39.99) brings instant pics back, but with the added advantage of you also retaining pristine shots of favourite moments inside your phone. The portable unit is unfolded to create a kind of bridge. You then plonk your phone upside down atop the two ‘arms’, the pic you want to print ready on-screen, and press KiiPix’s shutter button. A swift bit of hand-cranking later and you’ve a vintage-style snap to share. There’s no pairing, electricity nor wires required. In fact, you don’t even need a phone – anything with a screen will do. Although probably don’t try using KiiPix to take an old-school snap of whatever’s on your massive flat-screen telly.