The Fujifilm GFX 50R is a Medium Format monster in a bafflingly small body

Biggie smalls
27 September 2018 / 12:56BST

The 51.4-megapixel, mirrorless GFX 50R is Fujifilm’s lightest and cheapest Medium Format camera - okay, it’s still no steal at $4,500. Traditionally reserved for studio snapping, owing to the splendorous image quality, relatively slow speed and the fact you’re looking at a hefty osteopath bill if you shlep one around on your shoulder. The dials on the top plate should be familiar to the Fujifilm gang as well as the rangefinder-style body. This slimmed down GFX 50S is a seriously tempting proposition for detail-obsessed photographers and Michael Moore wannabes. Ready to embrace a sensor that’s an eye-popping 70% larger than full-frame? Pick one up in November 2018 and see if Vogue will let you do the Xmas cover shoot.