DJI’s OM 4 is a gimbal that makes wobble-free shooting easier than ever

Magnetic appeal
26 August 2020 / 16:21BST

DJI is very good at two things: drones, and helping us all shoot mobile video that isn’t unwatchably jerky. Its latest launch concerns the latter. Seemingly ditching the Osmo branding of its forerunners, the OM 4 is the company’s latest handheld gimbal, and the big story here is a new magnetic clamping design that makes it easier than ever to snap on your phone and start shooting. Like the Osmo Mobile 3 before it, the OM 4’s folding design makes it highly portable, while upgraded motors allow it to support heavier phones. As you’d expect, the OM 4 comes with a host of pre-programmed shooting modes, like dynamic zoom, spin shot, timelapse and 3x3 panorama to name just a few. Thanks to improved tracking you can expect better distinction between subjects like adults, children and pets, and gesture controls make on-the-go recording a cinch. The OM 4 is available to buy from today for £139.