VQ’s Monty DAB radio goes wooden for tasteful tunes

Oak and walnut wraps for your kitchen noise-box
31 May 2017 / 12:18BST

Time was, all radios were shelled in finely finished grain. Sitting proudly atop the living room cabinet, the wooden wireless would command attention with its polished curves. Then, like an unsolicited dash of modernity and colour at the country club, came the advent of ABS, plastic and silicone finishes. Mercifully, VQ is reclaiming the DAB for it’s own stylish self, cladding its latest digital music maker, the Monty (£99.99), in oak and walnut finishes to neatly match your Ikea cabinets. Forsooth, while its 10W speaker, Bluetooth smarts and USB charging port will entertain, there’s no beating a good bit of wood.