Spotify-compatible Pioneer DDJ-200 turns your phone into a DJ booth

And it'll even teach you how to mix
16 May 2019 / 10:10BST

Pioneer and DJing go together like Oxide & Neutrino, Shanks & Bigfoot, or Miker G and Sven, but unless you’ve got the skills of the aforementioned superstar duos most of the company’s kit is likely to be overkill for one of your kitchen raves. Instead, arm yourself with the DDJ-200 (£139), which has all the usual knobs and dials you need to look like a proper DJ but hooks up to your phone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth and allows you to mix using Spotify, Soundcloud Go+, Deezer or Beatport Link to supply the tunes. It also supports mobile DJing apps such as Djay and Edjing Mix. Use it with Pioneer’s own WeDJ for iPhone app, though, and it’ll also give you lessons in how to mix, while also unlocking effects and stuff that you’d normally have to pay extra for. With help like that, nobody will have to know your sets are more David Cameron than David Guetta.