Sony's new TV remote doubles up as a voice-boosting wireless speaker

Bring the noise
13 October 2017 / 11:47BST

We’ve all been there. You’re fully engrossed in a particularly scintillating feature on The One Show, when someone on the other side of the living room remembers a spat they had at work that day, and starts recounting it blow-by-blow with increasing enthusiasm. You could just crank up the volume and annoy everyone, but Sony reckons it has a better solution in the shape of the SRS-LSR100 (£169). It’s a fully functional - albeit very large - TV remote, but handily doubles up as a wireless speaker that you sit right next to you while you’re watching. Its Voice Zoom functionality analyses spoken audio and allows you to boost the dialogue with raising the overall volume. Handy for talky film scenes or football commentary, as well as those hard of hearing. It can go for 16 hours on a single charge, and setup is as simple as plugging the dock into your telly.