The RHA MA390 Wireless in-ear headphones won’t break the bank

Or weigh you down, or sound terrible…
02 July 2018 / 17:30BST

Wireless headphones have come a long way. Time was, they cost the earth, sounded inferior to their wired cousins, and only came in huge great bulky designs. Not anymore. The RHA MA390 Wireless are a lightweight in-ear pair that promise CD-quality sound courtesy of aptX and AAC streaming. They’re sweatproof and water-resistant, last eight hours before needing a recharge, and have a flexible neckband to keep them comfortable. They work with personal assistants Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, too – just press a button on the in-line remote to activate it. And the price? Just £59.95, which is about half the price of Apple’s BeatsX headphones. A long way indeed.