The Pico System III is an analogue modular synth made for live performances

Headline act
23 September 2019 / 16:51BST

How do you make a modular synth more accessible and versatile? The complex music machines are known for their use of wired patch cords, and while they look unbelievably cool, they also make on-the-fly experimentation rather tricky. That's where the new Pico System III (€400) comes in. As you'd expect, the nifty analogue modular from Erica Systems supports those bread and butter wired patches, but (and here's the trick) it also supports preset 'voice cards' that allow users to change patches instantly. It comes bundled with five 'factory preset' voice cards and another five DIY voice cards than budding musicians can use to create their own patches. According to Erica, it's a system that makes the Pico ideal for experimental live performances, so if you're planning on headlining Glasto in the future you'll probably want to jump on this.